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January 18, 2016--How to shelter mountain streams in a changing world (High Country News)

If you’ve ever dreamed about fishing in the West, chances are you’ve pictured something like the South Fork of the Flathead, an achingly beautiful turquoise river tumbling over multicolored pebbles and wending through the deep forest of northwest Montana. Wade Fredenberg is among the few lucky enough to have grown up fishing there, and his childhood recollections read like a pa

May 10, 2014--Water release aims to help silvery minnow (Santa Fe New Mexican)

When nature fails to provide, faking it might be the next best option. Water managers and biologists have come up with a plan they think will trick the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow into spawning this spring. They started releasing extra water into the Rio Grande this week in an effort to mimic spring runoff.

January 1, 2014--Celebrating 40 years of Endangered Species Act success (Environmental News Network)

Forty years ago this month, Congress passed the Endangered Species Act as a safety net for fish, plants and wildlife on the brink of extinction. Today, while 99 percent of listed species have been saved from extinction, the law is under repeated attack by anti-environmental politicians in Congress. Marking the anniversary, U.S.

August 5, 2013--States seek federal crackdown on mussel invaders (USA Today)

State lawmakers and wildlife officials want Washington's help in battling huge colonies of zebra and quagga mussels that are wreaking havoc in U.S. waters and costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars. The officials say an infusion of federal dollars would give them the biggest boost, but few expect tightfisted Congress to deliver.

July 4, 2013--Texas officials try to slow zebra mussel migration (Denver Post)

Carl Pearson dusts cobwebs off his boat as he prepares to push off into Lewisville Lake for some summer relaxation.

March 28, 2013--Local governments pledge cooperation to save sage grouse (Telluride Watch)

With the threat of the Gunnison sage grouse being listed as an endangered species and more than 1.7 million acres of land being designated as critical habitat becom

March 27, 2013--Federal plan aims to help wildlife adapt to climate change (Los Angeles Times)

The Obama administration Tuesday announced a nationwide plan to help wildlife adapt to threats from climate change. Developed along with state and tribal authorities, the strategy seeks to preserve species as global warming alters their historical habitats and, in many cases, forces them to migrate across state and tribal borders.

December 17, 2012--Natural resources and the fiscal cliff (High Country News)

As even people living in a cave know by now, if Congress doesn’t strike a deal soon, some combination of automatic tax hikes and draconian budget cuts will kick in. As early as January 2, the first round of sequestration cuts will be triggered. I’ve heard little discussion of how this swan dive off the so-called fiscal cliff will affect our natural resources.

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