Lake Durango Water Authority

April 6, 2016--Efforts to bring Lake Nighthorse water to the thirsty begin (Durango Herald)

After years of planning, a key constituent to water security in southwest La Plata County is on its way. A 4.6-mile pipeline that will carry water from Lake Nighthorse to Lake Durango went to bid March 31, and construction is expected to start within a month. “That side of the county really needs help, and that’s what La Plata West is going to do,” said Mardi Gebhard

September 21, 2014--Water-plan team seeks support (Durango Herald)

When a resident of the arid southwest corner of La Plata County once said he drove seven miles to a community spring for potable water, the response of water-issues pioneer Fred Kroeger was: “That’s closer than drilling (a well).” Kroeger’s dry humor pointed to reality – water in southwest La Plata County is scarce, wells are unreliable and potable water is o

April 8, 2014--Lake Durango levels need boost (Durango Herald)

As a dry summer is most likely in the cards, the Lake Durango Water Authority wants to bolster, by any means, the reserve of water it has in Lake Durango for 1,200 customers southwest of Durango. Among areas served are the two Durango West subdivisions and the Trappers Crossing, Rafter J and Shenandoah neighborhoods.

August 18, 2013--For Lake Durango users, water is low (Durango Herald)

The welcome monsoon rains have more than settled the dust, but they’ve done little for Lake Durango water customers. The estimated 1,200 Lake Durango Water Authority customers are under Stage 3 restrictions, which means no outside watering, Tom Brossia reported at a meeting of the Animas-La Plata Water Conservancy District last week.

August 2, 2013--Debate hits rapids on Dryside drinking-water plan (Durango Herald)

The effort to bring fresh drinking water for the first time to faucets in this parched section of La Plata County requires prompt action, community members were told Wednesday night. The project calls for treating water from the Animas-La Plata Project and distributing it through a pipeline network to be built in phases. But hefty upfront tap fees of $15,000 are needed to fund construction.

July 14, 2011--Water rights for thirsty Dryside? (Durango Herald)

Members of the Animas La Plata Water Conservancy District board want to take a new look at how 700 acre-feet of water from the Animas-La Plata Project is used. The district acquired 2,600 acre-feet of water when the A-LP, as it’s known, was created. The majority, 1,900 acre-feet, was for the city of Durango, with the remaining 700 acre-feet earmarked for an unspecified future need.

May 20, 2011--State agency OKs grant-loan for local water authorities (Durango Herald)

The Colorado Water Conservation Board has approved a grant-loan package that allows two La Plata County water agencies to move ahead with their plans. The Lake Durango Water Authority will get water it needs to meet demands of customers in the mountains along U.S. Highway 160 west of Durango.


The Water Supply Reserve Account received the January installment of funds as a "Tier II" severance tax program. This means the WSRA received another 30% of the appropriation for FY 2010/2011 or an additional $1.8 million of the $6 million appropriation.

Lake Durango Water Authority

The sale of Lake Durango Water Company to the Lake Durango Water Authority (LDWA) for $2.45 million closed July 15th. The utility is committed to serve 1,435 taps.

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