La Plata West Water Authority

Apri15, 2010--Water agency to map S.W. service areas (Durango Herald)

The often-dashed hopes for a drinking-water system in the parched western portion of La Plata County are again being raised. But this time, planners don't intend to blanket the area but configure a service area to fit demand, Roy Horvath, president of the La Plata West Water Authority, said Wednesday. “We don't want to exclude anyone," Horvath said.

La Plata West Water Authority Update

The La Plata West Water Authority (LPWWA) is starting to unveil a plan to the public to provide drinking water to the dry western side of La Plata County. At build-out in 20 to 40 years, the system would have 35 million gallons of water a day available for an estimated 8,100 taps. Thus far, a $5.7 million intake structure has been built on Lake Nighthorse.

November 19, 2009--Dryside residents hear options for drinking water (Durango Herald)

The foundation has been laid to provide drinking water to the dry western side of La Plata County, but the building blocks needed to complete the system are many, varied and expensive. A couple of dozen skeptical Dryside residents heard the assessment Tuesday evening from La Plata West Water Authority board members Roy Horvath, Tom Brossia, Mae Morley and Kirk Peine.

August 2, 2009--Water project near Dryside taking shape (Durango Herald)

The first piece of hardware in a network of pumps, a water-treatment plant, storage tanks and distribution lines to bring drinking water to residents in arid southwest La Plata County is in place.

La Plata West Water Authority Completes Intake Structure

Behind the scenes of the ALP, the La Plata West Water Authority (LPWWA) was working to complete an intake structure that would be the first phase of the ‘backbone’ of their project to provide a domestic water system in southwestern La Plata County. The intake structure had to be complete before Lake Nighthorse fills.

October 28, 2008--A-LP set to bring water to Dryside (Durango Herald)

Next week, ground will be broken on a $6 million intake at Ridges Basin Reservoir southwest of Durango. Treated reservoir water then would be available for residents in a 250-square-mile area on Fort Lewis Mesa and possibly by residents of northern New Mexico.

December 20, 2007--Proposed $96M system would give Dryside water (Durango Herald)

A new water company has plans to use water from the Animas-La Plata Project and build a $96.4 million water-delivery system for as many as 3,600 homes in the Dryside of La Plata County. Nothing is guaranteed, said Mark Langford, president of La Plata West Water Authority.

December 18, 2007--A-LP partners working out operations (Durango Herald)

The topping-out ceremony last month on construction of the Animas-La Plata Project dam - 39 years after Congress approved the project - served notice on agencies planning to use water from the reservoir behind the dam that there still is work to be done. In addition to the newly formed La Plata West Water Authority - created to deliver drinking water to the Dryside portion of the county

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