Metro Roundtable

May 11, 2012--Conservation: How much is “reasonable,” and for whom? (Grand Junction Free Press)

In Colorado, the distribution of people and natural water flows don't match up very well. About 80% of our precipitation falls on the western side of the continental divide, and about 80% of the people, plus the lion's share of the state's flat land, are on the eastern side.

May 11, 2011--Task force suggested for Flaming Gorge plan (Pueblo Chieftain)

A task force should be formed to evaluate the proposal to build a pipeline from Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Wyoming to serve Colorado’s Front Range, a new report says. A state report funded by $40,000 through the Colorado Water Conservation Board at the request of the Metro and Arkansas basin roundtables was released Monday.  The report recommends three possible ways to structure

November 26, 2007--Colorado after the drought (Colorado Springs Gazette)

The emphasis on conservation — including higher-priced water above certain usage levels — is sending the message: Water in Colorado is a fickle, ephemeral commodity that has a real value, much like natural gas or oil.

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