Arkansas River Compact

December 20, 2013--Colorado ahead on interstate water deliveries (Pueblo Chieftain)

John Martin Reservoir was created in 1948 for flood control and to divide the water of the Arkansas River between Kansas and Colorado. Congress approved the Arkansas River Compact in 1949, after the two states signed it in 1948. It is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

January 28, 2012--Robbins awarded top water honor (Pueblo Chieftain)

A water attorney who has been a part of the biggest water cases involving the Arkansas River and Rio Grande basin was given top honors by the Colorado Water Congress on Friday. David Robbins, president and co-founder of the Denver law firm of Hill & Robbins, was awarded the Wayne N. Aspinall water leader of the year award at the 54th annual CWC convention.

December 9, 2011--Colorado meeting state-line obligations (Pueblo Chieftain)

Colorado is running ahead on its deliveries of water to Kansas under the Arkansas River Compact. Accounting for flows through 2010 shows that Colorado has credits of about 44,000 acre-feet in a 10-year running average of flows, said Kevin Salter, of the Kansas engineering staff. The accounting is required as part of the Kansas v. Colorado U.S.

November 14, 2010--Water law enforced to the last drop (Pueblo Chieftain)

Enforcing water law, not the economic well-being of some farmers, was the state’s top priority in recent actions to curtail seep ditch rights. “Our intent is not to administer the law in a way that puts people out of business, but we have to administer water rights,” Wolfe said.

October 30, 2010--Surface irrigation rules get OK (Pueblo Chieftain)

State rules on surface irrigation improvements were signed by Division 2 Water Judge Dennis Maes this week, ending nearly three years of meetings on the rules. “The process worked,” said State Engineer Dick Wolfe, who filed the application for the rules. “That was our vision from the outset.

September 16, 2010--Lower Ark board OKs ag rules compliance plan (Pueblo Chieftain)

A group plan to help farmers comply with new state surface irrigation rules was approved Wednesday by the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District board. The Lower Ark board plans to set up a compliance program under new rules that are now moving through Division 2 Water Court. Most objectors have settled or are planning to settle in the case before a November trial date.

July 3, 2010--SE district settles in state ag rules case (Pueblo Chieftain)

The Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District has reached a stipulated agreement with the state in its proposed rules for consumptive use from surface irrigation improvements. The rules have been in the works for three years, and would take effect in 2011 if approved by Division 2 Water Court District Judge Dennis Maes. The Colorado Division of Water Resources filed the a

May 22, 2010--State ‘on other side’ in water rules case (Pueblo Cheiftain)

In nearly every Water Court case in the Arkansas River basin, the state Division of Water Resources finds itself in court. Usually, the state is an objector, attempting to make sure the water rights of other water users are not injured when a new application for how water is used is processed by the court.

November 14, 2009--SE water district wants to monitor ag rules case (Pueblo Chieftain)

The Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District voted Thursday to keep track of state rules regarding consumptive use changes from surface irrigation improve- ments. The district will enter the case as an opposer, not to stop the rules, but to make sure water under its supervision is used correctly. Under the rules, filed in Division 2 water court on Sept.

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