Animas La Plata Project

December 11, 2015--Lake Nighthorse water-rights settlement pushed to Jan. 15 (Durango Herald)

A ruling on the settlement agreement reached last month in the years-long Animas-La Plata Project legal battle over water rights to Lake Nighthorse was continued to Jan.

July 4, 2014--Web page urges Lake Nighthorse protest (Durango Herald)

A Facebook page is promoting a protest at Lake Nighthorse Saturday, but it’s unclear who is behind the page and if people will show up. The page said the goal of “Occupy Nighthorse” is to have Lake Nighthorse open to recreational use by residents.

August 1, 2012--Recreation projects at lake get $285K boost (Durango Herald)

Local residents eager to dive into Lake Nighthorse will be happy to learn recreation plans at the reservoir got a big boost Monday. Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced Tuesday that the city will get $285,000 for development of recreation at the recently filled reservoir.

July 27, 2012--Water project becomes fiction (Durango Herald)

There are a lot of books out there – more than you may realize – about Durango. Much to the chagrin of many local authors, The DurangoHerald doesn’t review them all. But when a former U.S. senator whose presidential hopes were dashed in one of the most famous sex scandals of the 20th century writes one, that gets our attention.

July 22, 2012--Lake Nighthorse to undergo series of water releases (Durango Herald)

The Bureau of Reclamation has scheduled a series of water releases Monday from Lake Nighthorse to test the outlet channel to the Animas River. Releases ranging from 15 to 150 cubic feet per second will show how well improvements to the natural stream – Basin Creek – and small check dams work. The total amount of water to be released won’t exceed 500 acre-feet.

February 15, 2012--Durango hustles to open Lake Nighthorse by 2013 (Durango Herald)

The city of Durango is not quite ready to say “Go fish,” but officials say they are trying hard to open Lake Nighthorse for recreation by the spring of 2013. Officials are applying for a $300,000 grant to build an entrance and aquatic-nuisance inspection station. They also are lining up community partners.

CWCB/BOR Contract Discussions for Purchase of ALP Water Allocation (Durango, CO)

01/20/2012 8:00 am

To be conducted at the Bureau of Reclamation offices at 841 East Second Avenue in Durango.

October 16, 2011--Durango asks voters for $4M to buy water (Durango Herald)

The city of Durango wants residents to take on $4 million in debt to buy water from the Animas-La Plata Project as a backup supply and to prepare for future growth. The proposal will be put to voters Nov. 1 as Ballot Issue 2A. As it stands, the city can store 60 million gallons of water (180 acre-feet) – a seven-day supply.

September 22, 2011--Buying into Animas-La Plata (Durango Telegraph)

Durango voters will soon decide whether or not to take a gulp from the Animas-La Plata Project. This year’s ballot, which is mail-in only, will contain a measure from the City of Durango asking residents to approve a $4 million loan to be used to buy 3,800 acre feet annually from the project. City Charter requires a vote of the electorate before assuming debt.

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