Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

April 14, 2015--California’s rainless summer will dry up drinking water supplies (Circle of Blue)

Communities in California’s seared Central Valley and arid mountain foothills are expected to end this year’s rainless summer with drinking water supplies so tight they may give out by September, according to state and local water administrators.

December 22, 2014--Court upholds cutback in California water drawdown to protect fish (Reuters)

 Federal officials acted properly when they curtailed water extraction from California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to protect fish and orca species at the expense of farmers and other water users in central California, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Monday. The unanimous decision by a three-judge panel of the San Francisco-based U.S.

January 31, 2014--California drought produces thirst for water – and political solutions (Merced Sun Star)

Big dams, bitter feuds and some political bombshells surface in a California water bill slated for lickety-split House approval next week. One new dam would be authorized for the Upper San Joaquin River. Another would get a green light to store Sacramento River water at a new Sites Reservoir. The existing Shasta Dam, already the state’s seventh largest, could grow taller.

December 2, 2013--Calif. water woes hit hard (Ag Week)

To nurture his acres of pistachio trees, Tom Coleman has long relied on water from California’s mountain-ringed reservoirs, fed by Sierra streams and water pumped from the massive Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

August 4, 2013--Nation’s largest irrigation district fights for water, twin tunnel project for Calif. farmers (Washington Post)

As a giant harvesting machine uprooted and sucked in hundreds of tomato plants a row at a time, Dan Errotabere contemplated massive strips of bare land on his farm. “Everything we have in our operation is under duress,” he said, looking at a stretch of fallow acres once covered in garlic, onions and other crops.

May 30, 2013--California plan to overhaul water system hub to cost $25 billion (Los Angeles Times)

The state plan to overhaul the hub of California's water system will cost nearly $25 billion to build and operate, according to preliminary figures released Wednesday. The proposal, backed by Gov.

March 15, 2013--California may start huge water project before knowing if it'll work (Los Angeles Times)

One thing stood out in the pile of documents released Thursday detailing state plans to replumb California's water hub: Construction could start on the massive project before water managers know whether it will work as intended. The still-evolving proposal, backed by Gov.

November 4, 2011--The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta future (Environmental News Network)

USGS scientists and academic colleagues have investigated how California's interconnected San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (the Bay-Delta system) is expected to change from 2010 to 2099 in response to both fast and moderate climate warming scenarios.

February 4, 2011--Does the California constitution hold the key to solving the state's “water crisis”? (High Country News)

Western watermasters are the folks who make sure all water right holders on an irrigation system get a fair share of available water. Usually they like to maintain low profiles. That helps with a job which has potential to engender conflict, lawsuits and even violence. Watermaster Craig Wilson recently raised his profile when he spoke out about California’s water woes.

August 20, 2010--The Dry Garden: More drought ahead? (Los Angeles Times)

Local rain doesn’t fill our pipes. Of the three main sources that do, Lake Mead, the Colorado River storage reservoir serving Southern California, shrank in July to its lowest level since 1956. Last month, the State Water Resources Control Board concluded that the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is overdrawn by 50%.

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