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July 25, 2014--Aging water system in the U.S. is a catastrophe waiting to happen (Care2)

Water has been a major topic in the news for the past two months. California is in the midst of a severe drought that could easily see the state running out of water within 12-18 months and Detroit residents are left without water due to being unable to pay the high water bills. These situations have been created by a combination of problems including Mother Nature and politics.

April 9, 2014--The Home Depot hosts water conservation workshops nationwide (PR Newswire)

The Home Depot®, the world's largest home improvement retailer, today announced a nationwide effort to help educate and enable residents in drought-affected areas and elsewhere to conserve water inside and outside the home. On Saturday, April 26, The Home Depot will host Water Conservation Workshops at all 1,977 of its U.S. stores.

December 23, 2013--EPA's top 10 technology needs for water (Water Online)

The water sector faces a host of complex difficulties. According to the EPA, over 55 percent of the tested waters in the United States are impaired, primarily due to nutrients, sediment, and bacteria.

December 5, 2013--Massive freshwater supply found trapped under the ocean (Huff Post)

A major discovery under the ocean could help stave off the world’s looming freshwater crisis. Australian researchers discovered 120,000 cubic miles of freshwater reserves trapped beneath the ocean floor off the coasts off Australia, China, North America and South Africa, per a new study published Thursday in the scientific journal Nature.

September 24, 2013--Obama Administration moves to protect drinking water for millions of Americans (Water World)

The Obama Administration proposed a rule to restore protections to small streams and wetlands under the Clean Water Act (CWA) after those protections were eroded following two Supreme Court decisions. The ruling has been supported by some environmental organizations, inlcuding American Rivers.

September 8, 2013--America is still running out of fresh water (National Journal)

The United States is running out of fresh water. Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., reminded the public of that at a conference Thursday in Albuquerque, N.M. Udall, who voted no to a resolution authorizing U.S. military intervention that ultimately passed, wants the country to focus on such domestic issues.

June 7, 2013--Old mines, today’s water Environmental agency cleans up Rico’s mineral legacy (Cortez Journal)

“We all live downstream,” as the saying goes, and that becomes more of a concern when abandoned mines are upstream, which is the case near the headwaters of the Dolores River. North of Rico along the river is the Rico-Argentine Mine complex, left over from gold and silver mining efforts in the 1930s and ’40s.

June 5, 2013--EPA reports to congress on national safe drinking water needs (Environmental News Network)

Some 52,000 community water systems and 21,400 not-for-profit non-community water systems across the US will require approximately $384.2 billion of infrastructure investment through 2030 in order to assure the provision of safe drinking water to 297 million Americans, according to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) "Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment: Fifth

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