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September 20, 2015--Utilities missing opportunity to raise revenue, study shows (Water Online)

Research shows that utilities are missing the chance to use a tool that could raise revenue. A new report by Western Resource Advocates, Ceres, and the University of North Carolina’s Environmental Finance Center shows that “very few water utilities are utilizing water connection charges to increase water-conserving residential development projects,” according to Envir

October 5, 2014--The real relationship between conservation and rising water rates (National Geographic)

A number of articles have been published recently which report on rising water rates across the U.S., pointing fingers firmly at dropping national water demand – and the efficient fixtures and behaviors driving that drop – as the reason.

August 10, 2014--Water utilities charge more to offset lower demand (Washington Post)

Federally mandated low-flow toilets, shower heads and faucets are taking a financial toll on the nation’s water utilities, leaving customers to make up the shortfall with higher water rates and new fees that have left many paying more for less.

July 30, 2014--Should wastewater utilities own the water they treat after its discharged? (Water Online)

Texas regulators appear to be shooting down an unconventional proposal by a utility to take ownership of the water it treats. The logic behind the original proposal, per the Texas Tribune: "Every year, the San Antonio Water System treats close to 33 billion gallons of wastewater and discharges it into the San Antonio River.

July 27, 2014--Detroit not alone in shutting off water for unpaid bills (USA Today)

Detroit has drawn fire from all over the world for shutting off water to customers delinquent on their bills, but the city isn't unique. Cities across the country do it also. In Michigan, Hamtramck, Warren, Pontiac, Eastpointe, Romulus and other cities have shut off delinquent customers as a way to improve collections. Elsewhere, so have other big cities such as Baltimore and St. Louis.

July 4, 2014--How to stop the water sector 'brain drain' (Water Online)

It's no secret that "brain drain" is a major challenge for the water industry. "There is a looming crisis facing the water and wastewater industry.

June 30, 2014--Regulatory burdens killing off small water utilities (Water Online)

Regulatory burdens are contributing to the devastating financial conditions of many small water utilities, where numerous small providers are on the brink of collapse. Small water companies are facing extinction, the Associated Press recently reported.

December 11, 2013--Government study: Unregulated chemicals seeping into water supply (Water Online)

A new government study says that chemicals are slipping into tap water through water treatment plants across the country. According to the Vancouver Free Press, "Traces of unregulated chemicals were found in drinking water from more than one-third of U.S.

December 10, 2013--Cyber attacks up by 60 percent at water utilities (Water Online)

Water and wastewater utilities are experiencing a growing number of cyber attacks. That's according to data collected by the Repository for Industrial Security Incidents (RISI), an industry-wide organization devoted to tracking cyber crime. They published the data in the 2013 Report On Control System Cyber Security Incidents.

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