Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program

July 27, 2012--Feds issue report card on Colorado River fish recovery (Summit Voice)

Federal officials say they are generally satisfied with the progress on recovering four native Colorado River fish species, but concerned that the impacts of the 2012 drought could result in some setbacks to the program. Issuing a “sufficient progress”memo, the U.S.

May 4, 2012--Drought means triage for endangered Colorado River fish (Summit Voice)

With 2012 shaping up to be at least a near-record drought year in the high country, some of the Colorado River’s endangered native fish could be facing a battle for survival, especially in key tributaries like the Yampa, in northwestern Colorado.

September 4, 2010--Wild Colorado: High-tech help for endangered fish (Summit Daily News)

The Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program is lending a high-tech hand to four species of endangered fish on the Western Slope. At the Price-Stubb Diversion Dam on the Colorado River near Rifle, a new “passive integrated transponder” (PIT) tag system is now monitoring the movement of endangered fish that are PIT tagged.

June 8, 2010--River releases bumped up for endangered fish (Sky-Hi Daily News)

As part of an ongoing effort to improve river habitat for several endangered fish species, releases from various reservoirs will be increased this week and next as part of the Coordinated Reservoirs Operations Program.

August 28, 2009--Interior, Western leaders extend fish recovery (Denver Post)

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Western governors and a power supplier are extending a program aimed at protecting endangered fish in the upper basin of the Colorado River while looking out for the interests of water users. The agreement signed earlier but announced Thursday extends the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program through 2023.

May 25, 2009--Dam releases to aid rare fish in Colorado River (Denver Post)

Six reservoirs along the upper Colorado River are releasing water through the Memorial Day weekend to help improve mating habitat for endangered fish. The releases from Granby, Ruedi, Windy Gap, Williams Wolford Mountain, Dillon and Green Mountain reservoirs are designed to replicate spring peak flows on the Colorado before the dams were built.

July 2, 2008--Speakers credit spirit of cooperation for success of fish recovery program (Grand Junction Sentinel)

The completion of the $12.1 million diversion, a 900-foot rock channel that bypasses an 8-foot-high concrete dam that formerly diverted water into the Price-Stubb ditch, removes the last obstacle in the upstream passage for native fish in a 290-mile span of the Colorado River from Lake Powell to Rifle.

July 2, 2008--Endangered fish ranks climb (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Without a name tag hanging on each fish, biologists are reluctant to say exactly how many endangered fish swim in the Colorado River. But research indicates populations of the four endangered fish species — the Colorado pikeminnow, the humpback chub, the razorback sucker and the bonytail chub — are stable or increasing.

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