Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

August 31, 2011--Everyone agrees: The Animas is resource worth preserving (Durango Herald)

With so many competing interests dependent on the Animas River, any successful efforts to clean it up and preserve it are going to require a lot of compromise. At some points, the complexity of the law, the depth of the bureaucracy and the passions of the opposing sides make reaching a consensus seem unattainably ambitious.

April 2, 2008--Grassroots river protection (Durango Telegraph)

As pressures mount on the West’s river basins, a local effort to navigate the tricky waters between protection and development has been launched.

September 9, 2007--Hundreds of streams face review (Rocky Mountain News)

Hundreds of Colorado streams are being analyzed for possible protection under the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the largest such review in more than 30 years. The study comes as cities and water districts race to develop water in many of those same streams, efforts that will be much more difficult--and, in some cases, impossible--once the federal protective process is under way.

July 26, 2007--Battle to save Utah rivers pits preservationists against rural counties (Salt Lake Tribune)

Some of Utah's most beautiful rivers and tributaries have a chance to earn the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers designation, which could protect them from dams and impacts from oil and gas drilling while preserving the scenery and outdoor recreation. Whether they will, though, is another question entirely. It has taken many years for the U.S.

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