Nutrient Standards

February 6, 2012--State considers standards for nutrients in waterways (Durango Herald)

Discussions are under way to establish the state’s first standards for nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus in waterways. Though the elements, found in fertilizers, are essential for plants and animals, they also can stimulate algae blooms that steal oxygen from aquatic life.

October 9, 2011--Nutrients are an emerging new water-quality concern (Durango Herald)

Colorado is proposing to control nutrients in water for the first time, but a Durango attorney says the rules are too complicated, based on weak science and exorbitantly expensive. Jeff Kane of Maynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel brought Southwestern Water Conservation Dis

Legislative Update (by Bruce Whitehead)

Bruce Whitehead, Executive Director of the Southwestern Water Conservation District, as well as the District’s representative to the Colorado Water Congress State Affairs C

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