August 17, 2014--West’s historic drought stokes fears of water crisis (Washington Post)

When the winter rains failed to arrive in this Sacramento Valley town for the third straight year, farmers tightened their belts and looked to the reservoirs in the nearby hills to keep them in water through the growing season.

March 17, 2014--Western streamflow forecasts a mixed bag (Summit Voice)

Snowpack across the West is still somewhat of mixed bag in this no-Niño winter, but February storms did help bolster water supplies across the northern tier of states, according to the monthly update from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

July 2, 2013--Experts see new normal as a hotter, drier west faces more huge fires (New York Times)

One of the deadliest wildfires in a generation vastly expanded Monday to cover more than 8,000 acres, sweeping up sharp slopes through dry scrub and gnarled piñon pines a day after fickle winds and flames killed 19 firefighters.

March 13, 2013--Spring forecast: Wet in Corn Belt, but dry in the West (USA Today)

The weather pattern across the USA this spring appears to be "vastly different than last March, and will translate to a more favorable growing season for agriculture" in many areas, according to a spring forecast released Wednesday by private forecasting company AccuWeather.

December 14, 2012--Will the West ever solve its water woes? (Washington Post)

Congress isn’t planning to take action on climate change any time soon. But if the planet keeps warming, a number of states won’t be able to ignore the problem quite so easily. One good place to see this is in the Colorado River basin.

August 12, 2012--The long, dry history of the West (New York Times)

Long before the current drought or the continuing conversation about  global warming, before the Dust Bowl, the climate in large portions of the American West was far drier than modern humans have become accustomed to. The 19th and 20th centuries, ancient tree rings show, were a relative oasis of settlement-friendly weather.

June 12, 2012--Study: Climate change leaves American West especially vulnerable to wildfires (Colorado Independent)

Rising temperatures are projected to trigger more wildfires in most of North America and Europe, according to a new study, but climate change may have the opposite effect around the equator.

April 30, 2012--Low snowpack means a dry summer for the West (High Country News)

The winter of 2012 produced more apocalyptic records than hip-hop MCs on the eve of Y2K. March was the warmest on record for the Lower 48, averaging 8.6 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average. In the West, La Niña predictably soaked and chilled the Northwest while leaving the Southwest warm and dry.

June 15, 2011--Climate change and the west: A picture of the western United States in the coming decades (Environmental News Network)

Last week findings of a study by the U.S. Geological Survey show a sharp decline in the snowpack of the northern Rocky Mountains over the past 30 years.

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