Reservoir Storage

February 2, 2013--Colorado snowpack increases by 17 percent in one week (Denver Post)

A heavy snowstorm last week increased Colorado's snowpack statewide by 17 percentage points, boosting totals to 75 percent of normal on Feb.

March 12, 2010--Upper Colorado River Basin snowpack second lowest since 1992 (Sky Hi Daily News)

As a result of decent storm activity during the third weekend of February, snowpacks in the Upper Colorado River Basin improved slightly from 72 percent of average last month to 79 percent of average on March 1. This is the second lowest March 1 snowpack percentage the basin has seen going all the way back to 1992. Only March 1, 2002, with 68 percent of average snowpacks, was lower.

January 13, 2010--January snowpack lowest since 2002 (Sky-Hi Daily News)

On Nov. 1, SNOTEL data indicated basin snowpacks were over 130 percent of average. Unfortunately, a poor showing during November resulted in a drop in snowpack percentages by Dec. 1 to a mere 65 percent of average.

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