June 12, 2015--Plans floated to deal with water woes (Durango Herald)

As rain washed over the La Plata County on Thursday, bringing fears of flooding, county officials wrestled with how to address long-term water needs. “We’ve been fighting for years and years over the wrong things and not paying enough attention to water. ...

April 18, 2015--Dry wells plague California as drought has water tables plunging (Bloomberg Business)

Near California’s Success Lake, more than 1,000 water wells have failed. Farmers are spending $750,000 to drill 1,800 feet down to keep fields from going fallow. Makeshift showers have sprouted near the church parking lot.

June 13, 2014--Water leaders discuss unmet needs (Prescott Courier)

If people would just move where water is available instead of trying to move water toward communities, life would be a lot simpler in Arizona. But Arizonans don't live in portable houses like the early residents, so it's not so easy to pick up and move.

February 28, 2014--Water education: The hydrologic cycle (Anza Valley Outlook)

The hydrologic cycle is the continuous circulation of water from land and sea to the atmosphere and back again.

December 5, 2013--Wells: A jumble of elaborate rules (Pueblo Chieftain)

Colorado has puzzled for years about how to account for its underground water resources, with about the same impact as water sloshing in the bottom of a precariously carried bucket.

March 16, 2013--Irrigation dries up as farmers face summer of drought (Golorado Springs Gazette)

A severe drought that has depleted snowpack in the mountains, left pastures painted with huge swaths of dirt and sent the price of hay skyrocketing.

USGS Report Summarizes Groundwater Pumping Affects on Stream Flows

Groundwater and surface-water systems are connected, and groundwater discharge is often a substantial component of the total flow of a

April 10, 2010--Ground water well rights bill finalized (Sterling Journal-Advocate)

Gov. Bill Ritter has signed SB 52, which makes it clear that a final permit for ground water wells in a designated ground water basin is final.

February 12, 2010--How ground water contamination spreads (Environmental News Network)

Why are some wells contaminated and some are not? All wells are not equally vulnerable to contamination because of differences in three factors: the general aquifer chemistry, groundwater age, and paths within aquifer systems that allow water and contaminants to reach a well.

February 3, 2010--Residents question well rules (Durango Herald)

When it comes to questions about water and gas wells, the answers are clear as mud. State water officials were at Bayfield High School on Tuesday evening to provide information about a water case decided last year by the state Supreme Court and related to recently passed legislation.

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