May 25, 2014--Rising water levels and temps good omens for Lake Powell (Grand Junction Sentinel)

If you haven’t been looking, Lake Powell is rising. The elevation as of Thursday was 3,583 feet (full is considered 3,700 feet) and going up about six inches per day.

February 1, 2014--Wildlife agency explains $10 million cut (Cortez Journal)

Fishing is fun, but the fun is no longer funded. A $500,000 cut to the Fishing is Fun program is just one way that Colorado Parks and Wildlife is trimming expenses by $10 million. Leaders from the agency went before state senators Thursday to explain the cuts.

January 30, 2014--California bans fishing in several rivers in midst of drought (Los Angeles Times)

California wildlife officials have banned fishing in several rivers to protect salmon and steelhead trout during a severe drought that follows the state's driest year on record. Fish populations are in danger as low levels in many of the Golden State's waters could prevent them from migrating and spawning, according to a statement from the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife.

March 6, 2013--Fish stocked in southwest Colorado reservoirs early (Cortez Journal)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently stocked rainbow trout in three reservoirs in southwest Colorado and fishing should be excellent at those locations. The reservoirs are Totten Reservoir - 5,000 fish, just east of Cortez; Summit Reservoir, - 5,000 fish, located about 8 miles northwest of Mancos on Colo.

October 4, 2012--Lakes react differently to warmer climate (Science Daily)

A future warmer climate will produce different effects in different lakes. Researchers from Lund University in Sweden have now been able to explain that the effects of climate change depend on what organisms are dominant in the lake. Algal blooms will increase, especially of toxic blue-green algae.

November 26, 2010--Hatcheries stock Western economy (Coloradoan)

A new CSU study shows that the private fish hatcheries supplying fishing clubs and ranches pump about $1.9 billion into local economies across the 11 western states. "They're very important," Waldmier said of the hatcheries and the dude ranches they supply. "I know one operation down by Bailey called Boxwood Gulch.

April 5, 2010--Project creates habitat for San Juan trout (Durango Herald)

The Bureau of Land Management has put 26 boulders in the San Juan River near Navajo Dam to improve fishing conditions. The work was done last week across a 200-yard stretch known as the Trucha Rosilla day-use area, about five miles below the northwestern New Mexico dam and beyond the boundary of the San Juan River's designated quality waters.

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