Stormwater Management

January 9, 2013--U.S. Supreme Court hands L.A. County a victory in water lawsuit (Los Angeles Times)

Los Angeles County got a reprieve in an ongoing dispute over who is responsible for pollution from storm water when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a ruling won by environmentalists. However, the court's 9-0 decision Tuesday did not deal with the larger question of how to regulate storm water and urban runoff flowing into the region's waterways.

October 15, 2009--California passes bill to encourage stormwater reuse (Los Angeles Times)

During the wet season, the city of L.A. sends 100 million gallons of stormwater into the Pacific each day. That water had, for many years, been handled as pollution, since the water produced in rainstorms picks up various effluents that then flush into the ocean.

Jan/Feb 2009--Stormwater management in arid and drought-prone regions (Stormwater)

In the arid Southwest, an eight-year drought has significantly drained Colorado River reservoirs, including Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the nation. In January 2000, Lake Mead had 96% capacity. Two years ago that capacity fell to 51%, and the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has warned that the lake could go dry in 10 years.

November 24, 2008--More than health damaged by ag nutrients in drinking water (Environmental News Service)

The pollution of fresh water by agricultural nutrients costs government agencies, drinking water facilities and individual Americans at least $4.3 billion a year in total, finds new research from Kansas St

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