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Brennan Passes

Doris Brennan, a 12-year member of Animas-La Plata (A-LP) Water Conservancy District Board of Directors, passed away on May 20th. She was 94. Doris retired from the A-LP Board in 2009. Those who knew her commented on her “eye for detail and memory,” sense of humor, and perseverance.

August 2, 2013--Debate hits rapids on Dryside drinking-water plan (Durango Herald)

The effort to bring fresh drinking water for the first time to faucets in this parched section of La Plata County requires prompt action, community members were told Wednesday night. The project calls for treating water from the Animas-La Plata Project and distributing it through a pipeline network to be built in phases. But hefty upfront tap fees of $15,000 are needed to fund construction.

August 4, 2012--Water district, Bayfield agree on expansion (Durango Herald)

A proposal to bring potable water to residents in the southeast corner of La Plata County is finally in the starting blocks. The town of Bayfield and the La Plata-Archuleta Water District signed an agreement Tuesday to expand the town’s water-treatment plant. Under the agreement, the district will pay for the work, a more economical solution than building its own treatment plant.

January 5, 2012--Board awaits city action on rec plan (Durango Herald)

The sponsor of the recreation master plan for Lake Nighthorse is ready to pass along the responsibility, but the tentative receiver, the city of Durango, has yet to act. Cathy Metz, the city director of parks and recreation, told Animas La Plata Water Conservancy District board members Tuesday that she wants to apply for grants for first-phase development of recreation at Lake Nighthorse.

July 14, 2011--Water rights for thirsty Dryside? (Durango Herald)

Members of the Animas La Plata Water Conservancy District board want to take a new look at how 700 acre-feet of water from the Animas-La Plata Project is used. The district acquired 2,600 acre-feet of water when the A-LP, as it’s known, was created. The majority, 1,900 acre-feet, was for the city of Durango, with the remaining 700 acre-feet earmarked for an unspecified future need.

May 26, 2011--City considers reservoir rec program (Durango Herald)

The possibility of finding a manager of recreation at Lake Nighthorse brightened this week when the city of Durango said it might assume the role. “We’re in an exploratory phase,” Cathy Metz, director of the city Parks and Recreation Department, said Wednesday.

September 16, 2010--Lake deal may float (Durango Herald)

The water agency that has been scrounging dimes to provide recreation at Lake Nighthorse heard Tuesday from a source that can provide dollars for the job. Mark Chiarito, resource management specialist for the Bureau of Reclamation, told Animas-La Plata Water Conservancy District board members that his agency can help finance the planning of recreation at Lake Nighthorse.

January 12, 2010--Panel begins talks on Lake Nighthorse (Durango Herald)

A committee that took on the job of developing recreation at Lake Nighthorse is negotiating with a consultant to produce a skeletal plan that would lead to a fleshed-out version focusing on a timetable, cost and public benefit.

Doris Brennan—“I’ve never been sorry”

Local water icon, Doris Alene McDaniel Brennan, was born March 27, 1920 in a log cabin in Sunnyside (about 12 miles south of Durango). She and her family, including an older brother and a younger sister and brother, moved to Durango in 1921.

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