August 12, 2015--The new UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) and fresh water (Huff Post)

For 15 years, the world community has worked to achieve a comprehensive set of goals and targets called the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - launched in 2000 to tackle poverty, economic and environment inequity, and strategies for effective development. The MDGs concluded this year, and a new set of goals to replace them have been in design and negotiation for some time.

January 11, 2015--Study: Earth’s fresh-water resources at risk (Blade)

Although western Lake Erie has become an international poster child for noxious algae, a new study suggests that many of the world’s much smaller, cleaner, and calmer bodies of water are likewise in trouble if greater efforts are not undertaken to keep farm fertilizers and other nutrients out of them.

December 16, 2013--Lost freshwater may double climate change effects on agriculture (Science Daily)

A warmer world is expected to have severe consequences for global agriculture and food supply, reducing yields of major crops even as population and demand increases.

December 5, 2013--Massive freshwater supply found trapped under the ocean (Huff Post)

A major discovery under the ocean could help stave off the world’s looming freshwater crisis. Australian researchers discovered 120,000 cubic miles of freshwater reserves trapped beneath the ocean floor off the coasts off Australia, China, North America and South Africa, per a new study published Thursday in the scientific journal Nature.

January 30, 2013--A one-stop shop for water worries (New York Times)

Water, or the lack thereof, is one of the defining challenges of the 21st century. As temperatures rise and droughts become more frequent, the threat of dwindling water resources worries not just environmentalists and governments but companies and their investors, too. Nearly every industrial sector, from food and beverages to mining to pharmaceuticals, depends on water for its operations.

May 11, 2012--Population pressure impacts world wetlands (Science Daily)

The area of the globe covered by wetlands (swamps, marshes, lakes, etc.) has dropped by 6% in fifteen years. This decline is particularly severe in tropical and subtropical regions, and in areas that have experienced the largest increases in population in recent decades.

August 29, 2011--Wastewater recycling can multiply greenhouse gas emissions (Science Daily)

New research shows that wastewater recycling processes may generate more greenhouse gases than traditional water-treatment processes. Despite this finding, there are good reasons to continue keep wastewater recycling among the water-resource tools for urban areas.

June 6, 2011--Virtual water cannot remedy freshwater shortage (Science Daily)

The implementation of virtual water into trading deals has been suggested as a realistic solution to solving the global inequality of renewable freshwater, but new research suggests that it may not be as revolutionary as first thought.

June 3, 2011--River mystery solved: Scientists discover how 'didymo' algae bloom in pristine waters with few nutrients (Science Daily)

The pristine state of unpolluted waterways may be their downfall, according to research results published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

September 29, 2010--Global river crisis erodes freshwater security (Environmental News Service)

The world's rivers are in a crisis of "ominous" proportions, according to a new global analysis, published today in the journal "Nature." Rivers in the developed world, including those in much of the United States and Western Europe, are under severe threat despite decades of attention to pollution control and investments in environmental protection, the study shows.Rivers o

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