October 15, 2014--Sustainable solutions: Water in the walls (Huffpost)

People who study ecological design and live sustainably off the grid understand the importance of thermal mass for keeping places cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This energy efficient thinking shouldn't be limited to off-the-grid living as sustainable solutions continue to find their way into urban landscapes as saving energy means saving money.

December 13, 2009--Wildlife guzzlers gouge water rift between Nevada resource agencies (Los Angeles Times)

Wildlife guzzlers—contraptions that capture rainwater and melting snow in remote places for thirsty animals to drink — have triggered a turf war between two Nevada resource agencies. Members of the state Board of Agriculture argue that as their numbers increase, guzzlers are altering the landscape and taking precious resources, whether water or forage, from ranchers.

March 18, 2009--Who owns Colorado's rainwater? (L.A. Times)

Every time it rains here, Kris Holstrom knowingly breaks the law. What Holstrom does is called rainwater harvesting.

July 24, 2008--Collecting public rainwater is tricky (Durango Herald)

Homeowners who capture rain from the roof to water plants or a garden are breaking Colorado state law. No kidding. The right to use water in Colorado - unlike Eastern states - is based on what is called the prior appropriation doctrine.

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