Offshore Drilling

January 29, 2009-- Unique offshore drilling plan off Santa Barbara, Calif., faces opposition, key vote (L.A. Times)

An agreement paving the way for the first oil drilling off the California coast in nearly 40 years has run into unexpected opposition that may sink it altogether Thursday.

July 28, 2008--Spills routine for offshore oil drilling (Denver Post)

When a Union Oil Co. well off the California coast blew out in January 1969, an estimated 80,000 barrels of crude spewed into the Santa Barbara Channel — fouling beaches and marring the offshore industry's reputation.

July 14, 2008--Bush removes executive ban on offshore oil drilling (Environmental News Service)

Saying that Americans are worried about the high price of gasoline, President George W. Bush today removed the executive ban on offshore exploration on the Outer Continental Shelf, the OCS, that has stood since his father was in the Oval Office.

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