Morrow Point Reservoir

January 14, 2009--Water court comes to final decree over Black Canyon issue (Crested Butte News)

A settlement reached last spring over the amount of water that should flow through the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park was formally decreed by the Gunnison Water Court on December 31.

September 23, 2008--Endangered fish habitat may be aided with changes to Aspinall flows (Montrose Daily Press)

Changes in the amount of water released from the Aspinall Unit could be altered to benefit endangered fish in the Gunnison River. The EIS will evaluate impacts on hydropower, flood control, recreational fisheries, reservoir levels, existing water uses and endangered species.

March 1, 2008--River flows below Crystal Dam to drop (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

Flows into the Gunnison River below Crystal Dam will drop to nothing for a short time next week as Bureau of Reclamation officials inspect the spilling basin below the dam. For several hours Wednesday, there will be no water coming out of Crystal Dam, bureau officials said Friday.

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