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September 25, 2015--Keeping water in the Dolores (Telluride Watch)

The Colorado Water Conservation Board unanimously decided last week to seek an in-stream flow right on a stretch of the Dolores River. Advocates say the move, which will secure up to 900 cubic feet per second for the reach from the Dolores River’s confluence with the San Miguel River to a mile above Gateway, will protect the river and three sensitive species of fish that live there.&

September 21, 2015--State agrees to improve flows on Lower Dolores (Durango Herald)

Colorado’s top water board agreed Tuesday to improve flows on the Lower Dolores River to boost the health of the river and its native fish. The Colorado Water Conservation Board will seek an in-stream flow right of up to 900 cubic feet per second on the Lower Dolores below its confluence with the San Miguel River. In-stream flows are designated by the board to preserve an

September 21, 2014--Hermosa Creek watershed bill changes rankle locals that crafted the original bill (Coyote Gulch)

From the San Juan Citizens Alliance: The House Committee on Natural Resources failed today to honor the community consensus on the protection of the Hermosa Creek watershed that was fashioned by diverse stakeholders over many years.

September 18, 2014--Hermosa protection bill hits rough water (Durango Herald)

U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton recently released a potential amendment to the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act, changing the House bill from the agreed-upon wording drafted by community consensus. The original bill had the support of La Plata and San Juan counties, and had been carefully crafted by people who live there.

December 5, 2013--The river runs through it (Durango Telegraph)

It began at a small table in a small town in Southwestern Colorado. A discussion about the future of waterways in this region of the West. Would they be protected for future generations? Would those generations be able to fish, hike, bike, hunt, mine, recreate or drink? How could anyone be certain?

Water 101 Seminar

Save-the-date for the 7th Annual Water 101 Seminar to be conducted October 26, 2012 in Durango.

May 31, 2012--Flow of ideas (Durango Telegraph)

The San Juan Citizens Alliance is all talk when it comes to the River Program. And for the past decade, they’ve made a difference doing just that. The Alliance began talking about the waters flowing across Southwest Colorado 10 years ago, bringing different interest groups to one table for a conversation about river health, ecology, economics and recreation.

April 12, 2012--River nutrients: It’s all about being healthy (Durango Herald)

Nutrients in water – sounds good. Like a vitamin-water mix. However, like vitamins, nutrients are good in the right amount and can be problematic in too high a dose. When talking about nutrients in water, the most common components discussed are nitrogen and phosphorus.

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