July 17, 2015--How the West overcounts its water supplies (New York Times)

Paul Matuska is the closest thing the American West has to a water cop, and his beat includes Needles, Calif., a beleaguered desert town midway between Flagstaff, Ariz., and Los Angeles. About 4,800 people live in Needles, on the western bank of the Colorado River where it cuts a swath in the mud between California and Arizona.

July 17, 2015--How much water does the West really have? (Pro Publica)

Seventy five years ago, American scientists discovered a secret about how the planet’s water works. The phenomenon involves the Earth’s lakes, rivers and streams, and their connection to the treasured stashes of water that can be found in the deep pools that have been sequestered between layers of underground rock for centuries.

May 25, 2015--Rivers recover after dam removal (Environmental News Network)

More than 1,000 dams have been removed across the United States because of safety concerns, sediment buildup, inefficiency or having otherwise outlived usefulness. A paper published today in 

November 2, 2014--Can desalination help save a holy river? (Water Currents)

The Jordan River of the Middle East has supported a long succession of empires and other human settlements for more than 8,000 years, but it took less than one generation of modern civilization to reduce the river to a trickle of sewage.

August 27, 2014--Dams vs. rivers (Environmental News Network)

A new 'State of the World's Rivers' database shows how the world's rivers have been impoverished by dams and their ecosystems devastated - and provides a valuable resource to help save river basins that remain in good health. 

July 25, 2014--Hugged a river today? July 25 is Colorado River Day (Public News Service)

The river that supplies water to much of the West and recreation to outdoor lovers has its own holiday. Today is Colorado River Day, and people are celebrating the river and reminding others of its importance to the region. State Rep. Joe Salazar, D-Thornton, is one of at least 40 elected officials who have signed a pledge calling on Gov.

April 23, 2014--Are large dams economical? (Ecologist)

A study of 245 large dams carried out at Oxford University shows that big hydropower is uneconomic. Actual costs are typically double pre-construction estimates - and have not improved over 70 years. Researchers at Oxford University have found that planners and policymakers systematically underestimate the costs and time required to implement large dam projects.

March 25, 2014--World’s river systems: Stressed OUT (Environmental News Network)

According to the World Resources Institute (WRI) many, if not most of the world's rivers are stressed. Determining a systems water stress is based upon measuring the ratio of total water withdrawals to the available renewable supplies within the catchment area.

December 9, 2013--Rivers and streams release more greenhouse gas than all lakes (Science Daily)

Rivers and streams release carbon dioxide at a rate five times greater than the world's lakes and reservoirs combined, contrary to common belief. Research

October 3, 2013--Relocating rivers? Water providers, officials facing rare challenge (Greeley Tribune)

Water officials and water providers face a rare predicament following last month’s historic flood.

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