Surface Water

February 6, 2015--Water expert: NM is draining water reserves (Albuquerque Journal)

If water were dollars and New Mexico a bank, our checking account would be busted and we’d be dipping dangerously into savings. That’s how Sam Fernald, director of the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute, thinks about the state’s dire water conditions.

October 9, 2014--Western Governors protest U.S. Forest Service water directive (Las Vegas Review)

In a letter signed by Gov. Brian Sandoval, the Western Governors Association is criticizing a proposed U.S. Forest Service directive that seeks significant changes to water policy without their involvement.

January 18, 2013--Deal would prevent water from leaving Colorado; would serve suburbs (Denver Business Journal)

Denver’s southern suburbs, dependent on shrinking supplies of groundwater, could get a new surface water supply as soon as 2015, heading off the specter of expensive water bills choking off economic growth.

December 8, 2011--One quarter of world’s agricultural land ”Highly Degraded’, UN report concludes (Environmental News Network)

On Monday, the UN released the results of the first ever global study on the state of Earth’s land. The main finding: 25 percent of all land is highly degraded making it unsuitable for agriculture.

March 23, 2011--Rancher-oil water dispute prompts Colorado bill (Summit Daily)

Lawmakers are moving to strengthen the state's hand in water lawsuits with a bill prompted by a dispute between southwest Colorado ranchers and gas and oil drillers. A House committee voted 13-0 Monday in favor of a bill that raises the legal standard for the ranchers suing the state engineer over allowing certain oil wells to be drilled without water permits.

March 25, 2010--Groundwater vulnerability (Environmental News Network)

Groundwater is contained in aquifers, underground layers of water-bearing permeable rock or sediment such as silt, sand, or clay. Under, and sometimes over the aquifer is an aquiclude, a solid, impermeable layer such as clay that the water cannot penetrate. The top surface of the water saturated material is called the water table.

March 18, 2010--Water, Ute bills pass House vote (Cortez Journal)

The House passed two bills Wednesday by Rep. Ellen Roberts, R-Durango, dealing with fines for illegal water use and a Southern Ute commission. Senate Bill 27 allows the attorney general to slap a $500 per day fine on people who illegally use surface water.

March 11, 2010--Illegal water use could bring a $500 per day fine (Durango Herald)

Rep. Ellen Roberts advanced her bill to slap fines on people who illegally use water. Roberts, R-Durango, is carrying Senate Bill 27 on behalf of Attorney General John Suthers. The bill puts a $500 per day fine on people who illegally divert surface water. It matches the fine that is already in place for people illegally using groundwater.

October 13, 2009--Denver scholar applies Nobel winner's theories (Denver Post)

An associate professor at the University of Colorado Denver is applying the theories of Elinor Ostrom to Western water policy. Ostrom was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics Monday. Tanya Heikkila holds a doctorate in public affairs from the University of Arizona.

August 5, 2009--Web site keeps track of water quality in Piceance Basin (Grand Junction Sentinel)

A federal agency Web site with aggregated water-quality data for western Colorado’s Piceance Basin is up and running. The U.S.

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