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Howdy Kids!! Are you looking for information about water? You've come to the right place. Listed below are many links to great sites which provide information, games, project ideas, images and more.

Invasive Species

For more information on this important topic, visit some of the following websites:

Don't Move a Mussel! 

Protect Your Waters

The 100th Meridian

Discover Water

Discover Water (Interactive)

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Brochures & Educational Materials

The following Water Information Program brochures are available for download:

Ditches and Diversions

Gravel Pits, Livestock Tanks, and Ponds

Basin Facts

- According to the Colorado Water Conservation Boards’ Statewide Water Supply Initiative Studies, the Dolores/San Juan/San Miguel River Basin is projected to experience an increase in municipal and industrial (M&I) and self-supplied industrial (SSI) water demand of 18,800 acre-feet (AF) by 2030.

Agriculture/Irrigation Information

With more than 90 percent of water used for agriculture/irrigation in the San Juan/Dolores River Basin, the following provides useful information and resources kindly supplied, in part, with permission from the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservation District: