Republican River

March 7, 2015--Rep. River agreement increases supplies for irrigation (Grand Island Independent)

Some surface water irrigators in Nebraska’s part of the Republican Basin will get more water for their 2015 crops than originally expected as a result of an agreement signed Friday through the Republican River Compact Administration. The 1943 compact allocates a percentage of the water available annually to Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas. The agreement includes the U.S.

February 26, 2015--Supreme Court sides with Kansas in water dispute (ABC News)

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered Nebraska to pay Kansas $5.5 million in a long-running legal dispute over use of water from the Republican River. The justices also gave Nebraska some of what it asked for and ordered changes to the formula for measuring water consumption. Nebraska argued that the formula was unfair.

November 26, 2014--Five cities where ‘natural infrastructure’ improved the water supply (Next City)

Where does your city’s water come from? The question is simple but, as with food or energy, many of us don’t know the answer. Beyond faucets, pipes and municipal treatment facilities, the average H2O consumer probably isn’t aware of all the rivers and lakes that form her vast watershed.

February 6, 2014--Colorado augmentation project begins pumping (Imperial Republican)

With the go-ahead from Kansas, Colorado began pumping water from their northeast Colorado augmentation project. The Compact Compliance Pipeline (CCP) started delivering water to the North Fork of the Republican River on Friday, Jan. 17, according to Deb Daniel, manager of the Republican River Water Conservation District (RRWCD) in Wray, Colo.

December 15, 2013--Nebraska makes compact call for 2014 (Yuma Pioneer)

Based on the lack of surface water available for delivery in the Republican River Basin in 2014, the Department of Natural Resources has declared 2014 as a compact call year. DNR is forecasting that 2014 wil

January 3, 2013--Neb. restricts Republican River water use in 2013 (Boulder Daily Camera)

Nebraska is imposing limits on the use of the Republican River to make sure enough water flows downstream to Kansas this year in the midst of a drought. The state Department of Natural Resources issued an order this week requiring additional conservation measures in the river basin to help Nebraska comply with a long-standing agreement with Kansas and Colorado.

April 8, 2011--Nebraska irrigators object to Kan. call to cut irrigation to 500K acres as water fight resumes (Washington Post)

A U.S. Supreme Court decision that breathed new life into a decades-long water-rights dispute on the Great Plains has renewed concerns among southern Nebraska farmers about what could happen to their livelihoods. The dispute centers on the Republican River, from which Kansas contends Nebraska took more than its share of water in 2005 and 2006.

February 3, 2011--Officials say land buy will help Neb. water woes (Canon City Daily Record)

A southwest Nebraska natural resources district is buying nearly 3,300 acres of land to reduce the amount of groundwater used in the area and help the state comply with the Republican River water use agreement.

November 14, 2010--Water law enforced to the last drop (Pueblo Chieftain)

Enforcing water law, not the economic well-being of some farmers, was the state’s top priority in recent actions to curtail seep ditch rights. “Our intent is not to administer the law in a way that puts people out of business, but we have to administer water rights,” Wolfe said.

July 2, 2010--Nebraska irrigators caught bypassing meters (Yuma Pioneer)

Several irrigators in the Upper Republican Natural Resources District in Nebraska are facing punishment for violating groundwater metering regulations. A crew doing underground repair work on an irrigation well discovered that water was bypassing a flow meter in May 2009, which prompted the investigation after the crew reported it to the URNRD, according to Fanning.

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