June 13, 2012--Growing food in drought (Norwood Post)

In the midst of a national movement toward local food and home gardens, this summer is heating up the challenge of keeping food crops alive, but home gardeners don’t have to give up hope just yet. San Miguel Basin County Extension Agent Yvette Henson did her graduate work on drought and drought tolerance in plants, and she’s based in the Gordon Glockson building in Norwood. Henson was recently asked to join the Colorado State University Drought Team, a statewide consortium of experts on the topic. “Periods of drought are the reality we deal with,” said Henson earlier this week. Even so, in records dating back to 1895, April 2012 ranked as the fourth warmest April in Colorado. It’s been four weeks since the town of Norwood instituted outside watering restriction. “The logical thing is to be prepared and to always do what we can to use our water resources wisely,” Henson said. There are things gardeners can do to keep their plants alive. And, if the seeds aren’t yet in the ground, there are ways to plant wisely.

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