July 9, 2012--Colorado water shortages leave farmers, ranchers desperate (Denver Post)

In Weld County, hundreds of acres of field corn are dying from lack of water, and farmers are having to sell their cattle off early because of a lack of feed and water. Steamboat Springs is asking residents to cut back on water usage because the reservoir that provides most of the town's water is too low. Wild horses have been moved out of their grazing lands near Douglas Pass because there is nothing to drink. Aspen is cutting back on park sprinkling and street-washing and will hit those using too much water with expensive penalties. The city of Ouray is borrowing, begging and buying new water sources just to get through the summer. This year's dearth of water is creating headaches across Colorado from farm fields to home faucets as water managers and users try to stretch low to no water levels. Precipitation charts for much of the state look like the flat line on the monitor of a dying patient.

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