July 22, 2012--McPhee has ‘enough water’ (Cortez Journal)

Farmers and ranchers will receive full allocations this water season, according to local reservoir and irrigation managers. Careful management of water reserves have left plenty of resources to fill the needs of water users in the area, despite an abnormally dry winter and spring. “As far as the Dolores Project water, we’ve got enough water in (McPhee Reservoir) to meet all our obligations this year,” said Mike Preston, manager of the Dolores Water Conservancy District. “We are going to meet our full allocations.” However, the assurance of full allocations does not necessarily mean the water will last through the season, Preston said. “How long the water lasts is really up to the users,” he said. “Everyone will have to live very strictly within their limits, but anyone managing their supply carefully will get their allocated water this year. It is how they are managing their share of water that is determining how far into the season they are going to be able to irrigate.” Once water allocations are released, users are responsible for the rate of use of the resources flowing down local canals. Suppliers and users must work together to ensure water lasts through the season. A dry spring and early summer put a strain on resources, requiring local producers to rely on project water earlier in the year than normal.

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