August 10, 2012--Agreement in works for water rights case (Montrose Press)

A water rights dispute between Montrose County and other parties is one step closer to being resolved after the town of Telluride inked a stipulated agreement earlier this week. According to a memo Telluride town attorney Kevin Geiger provided to the Daily Press on Thursday, the agreement calls for the county to select two reservoir sites of the six potential sites it had identified for storage of San Miguel River water and to develop them within a certain timeframe. The water rights would be subject to volumetric use limitation of 3,200 acre-feet for diversions, and releases for domestic, municipal and industrial use, including irrigation. Per the memo: Releases from the reservoirs for water quality, recreation and other purposes would be limited in flow rate and volume to the rate necessary to achieve state instream flows, and to a maximum of 3,200 acre-feet, plus the volume of water allowed under the volumetric use limitation that isn’t actually used for the listed purposes in a given year.

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