Oil Shale Development

November 7, 2013--Water shortages threaten energy output (Wall Street Journal)

Water shortages are threatening energy output and increasing costs in some of the world's most prolific sectors including shale gas in the U.S., crude oil in the Middle East and coal in China, and the situation is set to worsen, Wood Mackenzie said Thursday. The energy sector is already

December 26, 2010--Report finds oil shale could impact Colorado’s water (Aspen Daily News)

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently found that oil shale development in Western Colorado could impact the water quality in rivers in the region.

August 4, 2010--Study: Amount of water for oil shale production is less than estimated (Grand Junction Sentinel)

An oil shale industry producing the equivalent of 1.5 million barrels of oil per day might require significantly less water than had been previously believed, a study suggests. Much of the water savings could stem from using natural gas to heat shale in place instead of using coal-fired electrical plants the size of those near Craig, the study suggests.

October 20, 2009--Colo. seeks more info on oil shale impact (Vail Daily)

A Colorado official says the state supports oil shale development but wants more information about the potential impacts on water, the environment and public health before commercial development begins. Bob Randall of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources says the state also wants the federal government to proceed slowly with further leases on public land for research and development.

October 3, 2009--A return of Colorado's oil shale boom? (Aspen Times)

A professor from the Colorado School of Mines in Boulder thinks it is possible that oil shale production could return to the Western Slope within a couple of decades. But, stressed Jeremy Boak, head of the Center for Oil Shale Technology and Research at the school, that will not happen without considerable additional research by the oil and gas industry and others.

March 9, 2009--Yampa River water plan hits wall of foes (Denver Post)

A bid by the Shell Exploration and Production Co. for a 15 billion- gallon water right has sparked opposition letters from 25 federal, state and local agencies, along with businesses and environmental groups.

March 5, 2009--Agricultural water may be targeted by oil shale development (Rifle Citizen Telegram)

Commercial oil shale development in Western Colorado, Wyoming and Utah would require an "earth-shattering" amount of water, and the first place the industry would likely try to acquire it is from farmers a

March 1, 2009--Water district files opposition to Shell request (Denver Post)

A water district has filed a statement of opposition to a request by Shell Frontier Oil and Gas for substantial water rights on the Yampa River.

January 9, 2009--State water needs on collision course (Pueblo Chieftain)

While competing water needs are on a collision course in Colorado, land-use decision-makers and water providers have barely begun to talk about how to deal with shortfalls. That was the assessment of Harris Sherman, executive director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, at a meeting of Action 22 Thursday at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

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