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The Water Information Program lending library now has more than 200 water-related books and movies available for checkout. Stop by the office at 841 East 2nd Avenue in Durango to find a book or DVD of interest to you. In addition, we welcome reviews at any time. If you are interested in providing a book or movie review for our quarterly newsletters, please email 1-2 paragraphs to [email protected]. The winter 2015 newsletter book review is provided by Laura Spann, with the SWCD.

Book Review: Blue Revolution, by Cynthia Barnett, 2012

Journalist Cynthia Barnett’s treatise on today’s water crisis naturally begins with examples from California. Even national energy efficiency leaders like Sacramento squander precious gallons on lawns in a drought-stricken state. “Somehow, America’s green craze has missed the blue,” she says. Why? From industry to government policy to private homes, she portrays a culture of incentives that has encouraged Americans to use more and more water—and value it less and less. How can we avoid a national water crisis? Barnett’s answer is a “water ethic,” a “blue revolution.” When people are connected to their water sources, argues Barnett, they value and conserve more of it. They live within their means and become part of the solution.

One of the more fascinating case studies she presents is of Singapore’s “closed water loop,” which recycles every drop of toilet water and converts it to potable water. It took a major campaign to win the public over, but Singapore no longer imports the majority of its supply. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in a survey of water planning worldwide. It showcases many creative leaders willing to implement innovative strategies to avoid the dire consequences of water shortage.