Water 101 Seminar

The 9th Annual Water 101 Seminar was conducted in Bayfield this year and was another success. Including presenters there were over 60 in attendance. In addition to the Water Information Program, the seminar was cosponsored with the La Plata-Archuleta Water District, Pine River Irrigation District, Southern Ute Indian Tribe, and the Town of Bayfield. It qualified for eight (8) continuing education credits (CECs) for lawyers, six (6) CECs for realtors, and teacher education credits and contact hours, as well as training units for Colorado water utility personnel. The seminar featured a line-up of qualified speakers, including the keynote—Colorado Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hobbs. In addition, representatives from federal, state, and local agencies provided an understanding of water law and related issues in the area including: local water sources, water administration, environmental concerns, and answers to key questions pertaining to the acquisition and use of water as well as water related legal and real estate transactions. Justice Hobbs stated of the seminar that "it is an example of effective water education meeting community needs."  Thank you to everyone who helped to make this year’s seminar another success!