WIP’s Participating Entity, SWCD, Update

At their January Board meeting the following grants were funded by the SWCD:

  • Animas Watershed Partnership ($8,000): To support the Animas River Education and Healthy Waters Partnership. The project expands a new partnership between Durango Nature Studies and the Animas Watershed Partnership to conduct science education and water quality monitoring on the Florida and Animas Rivers in southwest Colorado in order to: 1) identify source areas of E. coli and nutrient contamination in the Florida River, 2) install riparian fencing along a half mile of the Florida River to reduce manure and nutrient runoff, and 3) deliver an eighth grade environmental science program to meet the current life science standard. The funding request is to cover sample analysis costs for 13 sampling visits to the five sample locations from April through August 2015.
  • Dolores Conservation District ($14,500): In support of the “Sustainable Agriculture through Water Conservation and Soil Health in the High Desert of Southwestern Colorado” project. The project, focused in Montezuma County, will provide individualized Irrigation Water Management education and technical assistance to landowners while also addressing the more comprehensive resource concerns of soil health, water conservation and sustainable, drought-resilient farm practices.
  • Mancos Conservation District ($15,000): To support the Mancos River Diversion Project, which will replace temporary streambed cobble “push-up” dams with permanent large quarry rock dams. These dams create the hydraulic lift in the river needed to access flows at the headgate. The streambed cobble dams are unstable and tend to wash downstream during each spring flow event. Three irrigation diversion sites are slated for design and implementation work in 2015.
  • River Watch Program ($1,400): In support of start-up funding for a middle or high school from within the District to enroll in the River Watch Program. The Program works with students to monitor water quality and other indicators of watershed health. SWCD’s grant would match the Leonard Rice Engineering’s contribution of $1,600.
  • San Juan Water Conservancy District: A fourth extension was approved of the $25,000 grant awarded in 2010 for NEPA work on the proposed Dry Gulch Water Storage Facility. It appears another two years will be needed before work can commence requiring the grant funds. The SJWCD renewed its efforts to move the project forward, and has made substantial progress, but not enough to take advantage of the grant funding.
  • Town of Mountain Village ($30,000): To support the Mountain Village Waterline Extension Project, which will increase reliability and redundancy of the Town’s water system, particularly to meet emergency water demand needs in the western portion of the Town. The project will connect two existing water storage tanks via a proposed 13,815-foot-long, 10-inch-diameter waterline. As part of the extension, the Town will install up to two micro-hydroelectric generators, pending an updated feasibility study.
  • Trout Unlimited ($5,000): In support of the development of a cold-water-fisheries adaptive management plan on the Upper Dolores River, with the goal of using limited resources efficiently and effectively to conserve fisheries for the long term. The management plan will identify the right places to invest limited conservation dollars and time and facilitate coordination between stakeholders. Project partners include the U.S. Forest Service and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.