September 27, 2007--USDA Farm Bill: Roots of change (Boulder Weekly)

Dan Imhoff, the author of Food Fight: The Citizen’s Guide to a Food and Farm Bill, says the current legislation pits large industrial corporations against small farmers here and abroad and needs a major overhaul. “The Farm Bill’s broken because the process is now dominated by huge, corporate lobbying interests and commodity state politics rather than what’s best for the entire country and taxpayers,” he says. “Its policies are stuck in the past, while we’re facing real threats to agriculture, such as climate change, dwindling energy supplies and the need for conservation incentives.” Imhoff says the bill makes unhealthy foods cheap and is leading to a continuing number of childhood health problems and an unaffordable health-care crisis for this country. A growing number of Americans are paying attention to the Farm Bill and realizing the impact it can have on the quality and availability of foods.

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