Wildfire Safe, Sound & Code Smart Workshop

Wildfire Safe, Sound & Code Smart Workshop
Best Practices for Living in the Wildland Urban Interface 

February 12 & 13, 2014
Sky Ute Casino Resort
Ignacio, CO 

The wildfire season will soon be upon us and wildfire mitigation is a growing concern among mountain communities local, county and state governments and fire protection districts
Hickenlooper Touts Bills to Combat Colorado Wildfires   

The San Juan Resource Conservation & Development Council invites you attend a Wildfire Safe, Sound & Code Smart Workshop presented by Dan Bailey, Executive Director of Wildland Fire, Environmental & Natural Hazards Programs, International Code Council. Your participation is needed. Become part of the discussion!   

Join homeowners, local, county and state government, fire protection districts, OEM managers, and Firewise for a discussion of what you and your community can do to mitigate your wildfire risk.  Agenda items include: discussion of existing wildland-urban interface code, Community Wildfire Protection Plans, planning, building and retrofitting homes to protect lives and property of individual homes and communities.  Everyone is welcome!

For more information about the workshop please visit our website: sanjuanrcd.org  or call 970 382-9371

Register online at:  Wildfire Safe, Sound & Code Smart Workshop  (registration deadline is February 7, 2014) 

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