May 10, 2012--Rainwater catchment demystified (Durango Telegraph)

As part of its Brown Bag Lunch Series, 4CORE will offer “Rainwater Harvesting” from 12 noon - 1:15 p.m. Wed., May 16, at the 1st National Bank of Durango. The talk is meant to inform local residents of the ins and outs of rainwater harvesting, which was legalized in Colorado in 2009. The lecture will include local homeowners who have installed their own rainwater collection systems as well as an answer-and-question session with Jeff Titus of the Colorado Division of Water Resources. Under the law, SB 09-080, residents must obtain a permit from the DWR before installing their rainwater systems. “He will speak about the 2009 law and clarifications,” 4CORE’s Cori Andreatta said. “There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about who can qualify, does it cost, etc. He is the one you would go to locally to get a permit.” Andreatta said systems run the gamut from complicated, underground cisterns for year-round use to simple rain barrels for yards. “Landscaping and gardens are the two biggest uses, but some people are also using the water to bathe and drink,” she said. There is an online calculator available that uses google maps and zip codes to give homeowners an idea of how much water their roof will generate at
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