New Film Honoring Rachel Carson

This year’s National Women’s History Month will honor Rachel Carson, the pioneer of the modern environmental movement, with more than 100 nationwide screenings of the newly released film, A Sense of Wonder. The film depicts Carson in the last year of her life, as she battles cancer and the chemical industry and focuses her final energy on getting her message to Congress and the American people in the wake of publishing Silent Spring. “This film is absolutely remarkable. You cannot walk away unmoved,” stated Bill Moyers.

"Rachel Carson taught us that the natural world and human society are, indeed, interdependent and indivisible, and moreover that we have an obligation as stewards of the environment to safeguard and protect the world around us,” said Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine. “This responsibility has been passed from generation to generation and as such constitutes the cornerstone of her legacy that endures. And in that light, I couldn't be more pleased that Rachel Carson's remarkable story has been adapted for the screen in A Sense of Wonder, so more people may learn about her life and the guiding principles that shaped it and that continue to inspire us all."

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