Doris Brennan—“I’ve never been sorry”

Local water icon, Doris Alene McDaniel Brennan, was born March 27, 1920 in a log cabin in Sunnyside (about 12 miles south of Durango). She and her family, including an older brother and a younger sister and brother, moved to Durango in 1921. Doris married her high-school sweetheart, Michael Brennan in 1941. The Brennans raised three daughters and a son, and Doris now has 12 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. When talking of them all, the ever-present twinkle in her eyes intensifies.

Doris’ husband, with her assistance, managed the Credit Bureau of Durango from 1941 until their retirement in 1985. With an early and deep “interest in what was good and bad for people,” Doris served two terms (1984 to 1992) as a La Plata County Commissioner. Of those years she has fond memories, “except when ‘rabble-rousers’ got in my face.” Of this she says, “I put ‘em in place.”

Doris closely followed with interest the Animas-La Plata (ALP) project and the work of local and long-time iconic water lawyer, Sam Maynes. After her retirement from the Commission, another water icon, Fred Kroeger, encouraged her to join the ALP Board. In 1997 he finally talked her into it. Of this she says, “I’ve never been sorry with my decision to join the water Board—I’ve learned so much!” Doris has been and remains the only woman to serve on the 15-member ALP Board of Directors.

Doris has many fond memories of Sam and a group of others, including herself, who made multiple ALP-related trips to D.C. to “help were we could.” Of this she says, “those where happy times and hard times.” In regard to the ALP project completion, Doris never thought she’d see the day, but “I’m so happy I did!”

For all of your hard-work and dedication, the community thanks you, Doris! You are an inspiration to all—especially as a role model for women—this reporter included…