Water Top of Coloradoans Concerns

Results of a recent survey conducted by Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli indicate that Colorado residents believe a dependable water supply is the most important factor for a strong economy--rating it ahead of schools, highways, and health care. Additional results indicate:

•    About three-quarters agree the state needs more water storage.
•    Fully 60-70 percent believe we are still in a drought.
•    About 65 percent say we are headed for a water shortage.
•    Two-thirds have tried to conserve water, with about one-fifth reporting that they have drastically cut their use of water.

For a long-term strategy, the public chose reservoir construction as its top solution, followed by reuse of water on private and public lawns. Household conservation and limiting the growth of cities were the next most popular options, followed by building pipelines and reusing water in homes. Buying and drying farms rated last. “If you work collaboratively, the public is overwhelmingly supportive,” Ciruli said. “They value water and are willing to work to conserve and manage it.”