December 23, 2009--Feds release new plan to revive Calif. delta (Denver Post)

Senior Obama administration officials released a new action plan Tuesday aimed at bolstering the federal government's role in solving California's water crisis and restoring the vast freshwater estuary that provides drinking water to millions of households. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said six federal agencies would make it a top priority to study the factors harming fish, boost water deliveries to cities and croplands and supply drought aid to farmers. The collapse of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta has caused native fish species to plummet, and a three-year drought coupled with restrictions on water deliveries have led to unemployment and economic distress in the state's farm belt and fisheries. "The California water crisis is a full-blown crisis that requires all hands on deck to help those who are suffering," Salazar said. "We are moving aggressively to do our part."