January 5, 2010--State climatologist says 2009 cooler, wetter cap to hot, dry decade (Fort Collins Coloradoan)

Last year wasn't necessarily a record breaker. Instead, it was a cooler and wetter cap to an otherwise hot and dry decade."We have our ups and downs, and we finally got an up in this decade," Colorado State Climatologist Nolan Doesken said. The year 2009 was the sixth snowiest and the seventh wettest calendar year in 121 years of recordkeeping in Fort Collins, according to Colorado Climate Center statistics. The average temperature for January 2009 was 34.4 degrees, while the historic average for the month was 28.7 degrees. March 2009 was profoundly warm with an average temperature of 47.7 degrees - more than seven degrees warmer than the historical average of 40.2 degrees, Doesken said. By contrast, December was the 14th coldest on record with an average temperature of 24 degrees - 5.8 degrees below normal. Nationally and globally, average temperatures for 2009 were also toastier than normal.