August 20, 2010--Reader describes potential Arkansas and Gunnison Basin conflicts with Blue Mesa Reservoir (Ag Journal)

As reported by the Pueblo Chieftain’s Aug. 15, 2010, article, Colorado’s Arkansas and Gunnison Basin Roundtables are working on a joint proposal to use the Bureau of Reclamation’s Blue Mesa Reservoir for potential Colorado River Compact calls by Arizona, California and Nevada. Such a plan would seriously conflict with the 1957 Congressional purposes for Blue Mesa and the other Aspinall Project reservoirs. It would also violate Colorado’s vital right to develop its unused Colorado River Compact entitlements, including the Bureau’s Aspinall Marketable Pool for statewide consumptive needs. Colorado’s current and future generations should be concerned. Unfortunately, Colorado has never developed the Bureau’s 300,000 acre-feet Aspinall Pool in Blue Mesa Reservoir, as intended by Congress. This major oversight is the direct result of the Gunnison Basin’s improper, but effective “not one drop for the Gunnison” policy. The Gunnison Branch of the Colorado River is by far Colorado’s largest untapped water source.

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