Florida Project (Lemon Reservoir)

Lemon Dam is the principal feature of the Florida Project, which is a participating project of the Colorado River Storage Project. The dam is located in Southwestern Colorado on the Florida River, approximately 14 miles northeast of Durango in La Plata County. Floodwaters of the Florida River are stored in the reservoir formed by the dam, and regulated releases can provide supplemental irrigation water for 19,450 acres. Water is released form the reservoir as needed and conveyed in the natural river channel to the heads of the various downstream canals and ditches that divert the flow and distribute the water to project lands. The Florida Water Conservancy District (FWCD) manages the Project. For more information contact the FWCD at 1523 County Road 243, Durango, CO 81301, (970) 247-5332 or (970) 247-5887.  Or visit the FWCD USBR Website.