New Mexico

May 10, 2014--Water release aims to help silvery minnow (Santa Fe New Mexican)

When nature fails to provide, faking it might be the next best option. Water managers and biologists have come up with a plan they think will trick the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow into spawning this spring. They started releasing extra water into the Rio Grande this week in an effort to mimic spring runoff.

May 10, 2014--Repercussions being felt from drought that has lingered since 2011 (Pueblo Chieftain)

The sky turns pink or brown as the dust clouds billow and swirl on the Southern Plains, leaving those caught outdoors with grit on their teeth and in their eyes, much like the days of the Dust Bowl. But due to the drought conditions that have been a constant presence since 2011, some parts of the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, northeastern New Mexico and Southeastern Colorado are drier now

May 6, 2014--Colorado farmers draw big piece of Río Grande (Taos News)

Irrigation season has begun in Colorado, causing a significant reduction in the amount of water flowing through the Taos County section of the Río Grande. Streamflow data from the Colorado Division of Water Resources showed the Río Grande was flowing at 1,330 cubic-feet per second (cfs) when it came out of the mountains near Del Norte, Colo Wednesday (April 30).

April 29, 2014--Wildfires in the Western U.S. are on the rise, posing threats to drinking water (National Geographic)

When the Las Conchas Fire scorched some 151,000 acres of northern New Mexico in 2011, it wasn’t just the direct fire damage that was cause for worry.

April 28, 2014--Long Hollow to the rescue (Durango Herald)

Construction of the dam designed to corral 5,100 acre feet of runoff from two modest streams in this arid section of La Plata County is expected to be completed in July – two years after groundbreaking. Long Hollow Reservoir will be a water bank against which irrigators in the area can draw.

April 28, 2014--Legislature to fund Long Hollow project (Durango Herald)

A Southwest Colorado water district can expect $1,575,000 from the Legislature to help build a dam just off the La Plata River. It’s one of the few water projects statewide the Legislature is funding this year.

April 17, 2014--Ag life a trying endeavor (Durango Herald)

Agriculture is a difficult profession in the best of times, but it’s an even bigger challenge during a drought. That’s one of the many takeaways from Wednesday evening’s panel discussing current and future issues for local agriculture sponsored by the League of Women Voters of La Plata County.

April 3, 2014--Water shortages for New Mexico farmers, fish (Albuquerque Journal)

Much of the snowpack in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado is already gone, but it seems to be blowing away in the wind rather than melting into the state’s streams and rivers. That has water managers scrambling to cope with the state’s fourth consecutive very dry year.

March 22, 2014--New Mexico heads into new year of severe drought (Lubbock-Avalanche Journal)

The first two months of 2014 marked the driest start to any year on record for New Mexico, and forecasters with the National Weather Service said Friday that things haven’t improved.

March 21, 2014--Tensions over Rio Grande escalate with drought (Valley Courier)

Tension was high Thursday as top water managers from New Mexico, Colorado and Texas gathered to discuss management of the Rio Grande in the face of severe drought and a legal battle that has the potential to leave farmers in the arid region without a much-needed source of water. Members of the Rio

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