March 7, 2015--Rep. River agreement increases supplies for irrigation (Grand Island Independent)

Some surface water irrigators in Nebraska’s part of the Republican Basin will get more water for their 2015 crops than originally expected as a result of an agreement signed Friday through the Republican River Compact Administration. The 1943 compact allocates a percentage of the water available annually to Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas. The agreement includes the U.S.

February 26, 2015--Supreme Court sides with Kansas in water dispute (ABC News)

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered Nebraska to pay Kansas $5.5 million in a long-running legal dispute over use of water from the Republican River. The justices also gave Nebraska some of what it asked for and ordered changes to the formula for measuring water consumption. Nebraska argued that the formula was unfair.

January 24, 2015--Irrigation water use drops by 30 percent in Nebraska (Journal Star)

Water used to irrigate and grow corn and other agricultural crops dropped by 30 percent across a wide swath of Nebraska last year. And a recent report by the U.S. Geological Survey indicates that, on average, the condition of the Ogallala Aquifer is stable and significantly healthier in Nebraska than in all other states over significant portions of the massive freshwater aquifer.

November 26, 2014--Five cities where ‘natural infrastructure’ improved the water supply (Next City)

Where does your city’s water come from? The question is simple but, as with food or energy, many of us don’t know the answer. Beyond faucets, pipes and municipal treatment facilities, the average H2O consumer probably isn’t aware of all the rivers and lakes that form her vast watershed.

November 22, 2014--Historic water agreement signed between Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado (High Plains Journal)

A historic agreement was reached recently as Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado conducted a special meeting of the Republican River Compact in Manhattan, Kansas.

October 23, 2014--Nebraska: Beacon Of Good Water Policy? (Water Online)

Is Nebraska a model for sensible water regulation? "With ongoing summer droughts in many states across the country, water scarcity continues to be a threat, [which is shifting] water regulation policies in some states to focus on more local management plans like Nebraska has," Nebraska News Service recently reported.

July 19, 2014--About the Ogallala (Kansas Agland)

The Ogallala Aquifer - a nearly 174,000-square-mile underground cache of water that spreads across parts of Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming - is one of the largest freshwater aquifers in the world.

December 15, 2013--Nebraska makes compact call for 2014 (Yuma Pioneer)

Based on the lack of surface water available for delivery in the Republican River Basin in 2014, the Department of Natural Resources has declared 2014 as a compact call year. DNR is forecasting that 2014 wil

December 6, 2013--Colorado gets ruling on its arbitration with Kansas (Imperial Republican)

Colorado will have to negotiate further with Kansas, or go to the next level in the court system, before it can realize the benefits of its decisions to build an augmentation pipeline and drain Bonny Reservoir, in relation to the Republican River Compact.

April 3, 2013--Nebraska orders Republican River water release (Denver Post)

A Nebraska irrigation district official worries that his area's next corn crop has been jeopardized by a state order to tap reservoirs so Nebraska can send enough water downriver t

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