November 21, 2012--U.S., Mexico sign pact on sharing water from Colorado River (Denver Post)

The United States and Mexico on Tuesday signed a pact for new rules on sharing water from the Colorado River, capping a five-year effort on how to spread the pain of drought a

November 17, 2012--U.S., Mexico to share pain of Colorado River drought (Durango Herald)

Government officials from the United States and Mexico have set a Tuesday date in San Diego to sign a landmark agreement to share Colorado River water during times of drought and surplus. A time and place for the announcement weren’t immediately made public. But International Boundary and Water Commission official Gustavo Ramirez on Friday confirmed the day and place.

November 10, 2012--US, Mexico close to Colorado River water use pact (Denver Post)

Government leaders in the United States and Mexico are close to signing a pact to add areas south of the border to Colorado River water sharing agreements involving seven Western U

August 24, 2012--The Colorado River Compact; Will the Lower Basin ‘call' the river? (Grand Junction Free Press)

The Colorado River Compact, signed on Nov. 14, 1922, is a compact among the seven Colorado River Basin states and the U.S. that apportions the use of Colorado River water.

April 17, 2012--Drought sparks dispute between Texas, Mexico over release of Rio Grande water to farmers (Washington Post)

Texas officials have made clear with a strong rebuke of the decision to release the spring’s first Rio Grande waters to Mexican farmers that every drop will be monitored as both sides of the border suffer through a historic drought. Mexico wanted a traditional early release from reservoirs so spring planting in the Juarez Valley wouldn’t be delayed.

April 10, 2012--Salazar: Protect planet while using resources (Denver Post)

It's important to protect the planet as we use its resources, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Monday night at a conference where he spoke on the Colorado River but also took a

February 15, 2012--Mexico oil watchdog sounds alarm (Wall Street Journal)

Mexico's oil regulator is sounding an alarm over plans by the country's state oil monopoly to drill two ultra-deep-water wells near U.S. waters this year, saying neither the company nor his commission is prepared to handle a serious accident or oil spill there.

February 15, 2012--Where the Colorado runs dry (New York Times)

Most visitors to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon probably don’t realize that the mighty Colorado River, America’s most legendary white-water river, rarely reaches the sea.

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