Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District

April 18, 2014--Flex bill worries water groups (Pueblo Chieftain)

Local officials still are skeptical of pending legislation that would establish a flex marketing water right. The bill, HB1026, as introduced would have allowed agricultural water to be used anywhere, any time and for any purpose, apparently in contradiction of the state’s anti-speculation doctrine.

February 2, 2014--Wolf at the door (Pueblo Chieftain)

The water buffaloes are relentless in their devious pursuit of easier, quicker ways to take Colorado’s irrigated agricultural water and market it to the urban Front Range. If they have their way, these voracious urban-suburban interests would destroy rural communities while fueling lucrative but unwise population growth up north.

October 19, 2012--State engineer says no dice to suspending irrigation rules (Pueblo Chieftain)

A time-out from Arkansas Valley surface irrigation rules is unlikely, even though farmers say they’re paying for water they’re not even using. At this week’s meeting of the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District, Dale Mauch, a Lamar farmer on the Fort Lyon Canal, asked State Engineer Dick Wolfe if the 2010 surface irrigation rules could be s

November 21, 2011--The Pueblo Chieftain, on estimates about the state's future water needs (Journal Advocate)

W hen Colorado water buffaloes tried to estimate the state's future water needs, they only looked at what they thought municipal and industrial users might need in the future. They paid scant attention to agriculture, except to accept the orthodoxy that ag water would be the source of the resource for cities. But wait a minute.

October 23, 2011--Cloud seeding study: More rain production, a lot less hail (Pueblo Chieftain)

The benefits of a potential summer aerial cloud-seeding program in the Lower Arkansas Valley were explored last week by a district charged with keeping water in the basin. Cloud-seeding, using silver iodide crystals fired from ground cannons, is already widely used in Colorado.

May 13, 2011--Area farms are forgotten part of water equation (Pueblo Chieftain)

The nagging suspicion that the state may be trying to solve the wrong water problem crept up again at this month’s meeting of the Arkansas Basin Roundtable. “We’ve established that there is a need for municipal and industrial water by 2050, and it’s a discussion point at a very high level in the state,” said Reeves Brown, a Beulah rancher who also sits on the

October 23, 2010--Lower Ark not happy with seep ditch policy (Pueblo Chieftain)

The Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District board has lingering concerns about whether seep ditches should be curtailed by the state engineer, following a meeting last month. “It has been OK for 100 years. It does not seem right.

September 23, 2010--Farmers: Ag rules just another burden (Pueblo Chieftain)

After three years of work, the state is close to implementing rules limiting the increase of consumptive use from surface irrigation improvements. Still, farmers do not understand why the rules are needed and feel the state is not doing enough to truly help them.

May 22, 2010--State ‘on other side’ in water rules case (Pueblo Cheiftain)

In nearly every Water Court case in the Arkansas River basin, the state Division of Water Resources finds itself in court. Usually, the state is an objector, attempting to make sure the water rights of other water users are not injured when a new application for how water is used is processed by the court.

April 25, 2010--Water sale impacts choke rural communities (Pueblo Chieftain)

The cumulative impacts of water sales to cities from farms are greater than traditional economic models show, a new study on rural “tipping points” claims. “The discussion has been, ‘What really happens when you have a dry-up of ag land?’ ’’ said Peter Nichols, water attorney for the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District.

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