March 14, 2013--Get ready for busy wildfire season (USA Today)

Despite the slowest start to a wildfire season in a decade, the head of the U.S. Forest Service said Tuesday his agency is preparing for another busy year, but with fewer firefighters.

January 18, 2010--Florida first state for EPA nutrient limits in surface waters (Environmental News Service)

The U.S. EPA is planning to impose limits on phosphorus and nitrogen in Florida waters that will be the first federal standards for nutrient pollution in the waters of a state. This action would potentially have consequences for other states.

August 22, 2009--Environmental groups laud EPA setting limits for nutrient runoff polluting Florida waters (Los Angeles Times)

Environmental groups on Friday lauded long-awaited action by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to set legal limits for farm and urban runoff polluting Florida's waterways, limits that could serve as a model for other states.

October 27, 2007--3 states compete for water from shrinking Lake Lanier (Washington Post)

The waters of Lake Lanier, funneled through federal dams along the Chattahoochee River, sustain about 2.8 million people in the Atlanta metropolitan area, a nuclear power plant that lights up much of Alabama, and the marine life in Florida's Apalachicola River and Bay. Now, amid one of the worst droughts on record, all three places feel uncomfortably close to running dry.

July 8, 2007--What wet and wild Florida could learn from the arid West (St. Petersburg Times)

In 1876, John Wesley Powell, the adventuresome major who headed the U.S. Geological Survey, declared that a longitudinal line along the 100th meridian divided a moist East from an arid West.

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